Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mac Paint Pots vs Maybelline Color Tattoos

This is a comparison post about the texture and wear of the Mac Paint Pots vs Maybelline Color Tattoos. Also, I have a dupe!

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Here are some pictures of the paint points I have. I already made a separate post of Mac Soft Ochre paint point. It's a long loved basic paint pot for those that are NC skin toned (if you are more cooler in skintone, Mac Painterly is your best bet for a base). That post can be found here: Mac Soft Ochre

Ok, so I bought NEW Mac paint pots that just came out in their Pro Longwear line recently. All Paint Pots are $20 each:

Tailor Grey is a simple taupe-y grey and Constructivist is a gorgeous shimmery brown. When I say shimmery, it's not a overwhelming shimmer. Since I just got these, I have no problems with creasing with using these and they last all day. I will be using Tailor Grey as a base for dark/fall smokey eye looks.

Now, let's get to the Maybelline Color Tattoos:

I have 6 colors. There aren't many matte shades in this line. Tough as Taupe is the only one I have that's matte (it may be the only matte one in the line). 

Let's compare the two:


Paint Pots (PP) are $20 each and Color Tattoos (CT) are usually Buy 1 get 1 50% off here in the U.S. at the drugstores. 1 CT usually runs around $5.99-$7.99 depending on where you get it.


PP has a TON more options than the CT. Not only does the PP have a wider color selection, but it also carries a better range (more mattes, more brighter colors).

Staying Power:

I'll preface by saying I do not give in the hype of brands that market their product with things like "24hrs"...because let's be serious here, I DO NOT wear my makeup for 24 hours straight. I will say this, both PP and CT lasts all day. However, CT has creased on me if I wear it by itself, whereas, the PP has not creased on me worn alone. Neither creased if worn as a base.

Color Pay-Off:

PP has a better color pay-off than the CT. Hands down. The lighter colors in the CT line are so sheer (this may also be the reason why it creases on my lids easier). A single swipe of PP has a better pay off than a single swipe of CT.

Lasting Over Time:

I've read the stories of people having issues of their paint pots drying. I cannot give a fair comparison because I haven't had my paint pots long. I've had Soft Ochre for about a month and it's still perfectly fine. I've had some of my CT for about a year and it's perfectly fine. I believe that if you keep them sealed properly and keep good care of your makeup, it shouldn't be an issue. I store my makeup in it's separately makeup room (you can see my post here of my Makeup Room) so I think that helps.


I think overall, if you're thinking about the price, you could technically get THREE CTs for the price  of 1 PP, however, a lot of makeup and like, many other things, it's about quality, not quantity! I definitely suggest a couple of good colors from CT (Tough as Taupe is a favorite and Barely Branded is a nice creamy with a light shimmer as well). 

Dupe Alert:

As I promised, I did find a good dupe. One of Mac's new Pro Longwear PP (Tailor Grey) and one of my favorite CT (Tough as Taupe) is pretty close in color:

I hope this post was helpful!

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