Sunday, August 25, 2013

Introducing: My Makeup Room

My makeup room was originally a mini walk-in closet. I tore it down. We (my husband and I) had more closets than we needed, so what better than to turn this closet into a makeup room! I still call it a work in progress. We still need to put lighting in it, though, I will say, we have other priorities since moving into our house. Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with how everything has turned out! Please enjoy:

I  know, the brushes are due for a washing, sorry for the sore eye!

 The blushes and highlighters towards the left are hardly used, that's why they're so far left
 The boxes contain backups, empty makeup bags, cotton rounds, tissues, more lotions, etc.

 Instead of putting foundation on my hand, I use the mixing plate, less wasted product!
 The cart, is rollable, so I sometimes take my makeup and I can roll it away and do it elsewhere

I have wayyy too many samples. This doesn't even include the body samples (shampoos/face washes/body washes)!

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