Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Desk

I'd like to share with you guys where I work on my editing, posting, blogging, shooting.

My desk is very important to me. I like for it to be clutter-free and organized and minimalistic. Here are some pictures of my work space:

The overall space:

I haven't decorated the walls or the surrounding space yet, so there isn't much to show other than the desk itself.

Some Details:

This is a DIY coaster. I obviously don't want any water rings around my desks so I made a coaster. I am always drinking something. Coffee, tea, water, name it, I've got it near me. If you'd like to see my DIY coaster, I'd be happy to post how I made it!

A candle is a must have. This is a current favorite smell right now. The packaging is cute. I have plenty more waiting. I am a bit of a candle fanatic. I have probably 10 candles as backup.

A notepad for jotting down notes, thoughts and ideas. Stationary is also another 'hobby' of mine. I also have a craft room. If you'd like to see more of that, let me know, we can get into that another post too.

That's really it for my desk. Simple and chic. I do have a camera set up on the side where I take my pictures and there is a bright window next to the desk!

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