Sunday, September 29, 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer

Benefit's 15-Hour Primer is amazing. This is a product that's gotten a lot of mixed reviews from a lot of folks. It's definitely a product that's a trial and error for me. I've had this primer for well over 2 months now and it wasn't until about 3 weeks ago did I actually start to really enjoy this product. My face is oily in the t-zone and I have combo skin.

First, let me say, if you don't use this product correctly, you will not get proper results. If you are not careful with this product, you will break this product (see first picture).

I use this primer with my liquid foundations and I apply the primer (and foundation) half of my face at a time. I do not rub it into my face and I use the stick directly. Some may find this unsanitary, but as long as your face is clean and you're the only person using it, it should be alright.

A lot of folks (on the internet and YouTube) have mentioned that their stick have broken in half/snapped when it was time to twist it up. Mine did exactly that. As you know (from my blog), I have a separate makeup area, so it's not like I keep my makeup in my bathroom or anywhere wet...anyhow. I was very upset. A big chunk fell on the floor and the tub inside (see first pic) had a big hole. TERRIBLE!

I wish Benefit could have made this into a tub instead of of a stick maybe. That way, you can use a brush and brush it on your face and it would also be more sanitary.

The product is also supposed to be waterproof, though I haven't exactly fell into a pool to test that theory.

I believe that though the primer is great, the staying power has a LOT to do with what kind of foundation you are using. I've been pairing them Estee Lauder Double Wear Light or Mac Matchmaster. Both lasts me all day with wearing the primer underneath. Here are some pictures!

Here is the broken (old) primer, as you can see, there is a big hole and the chunk that fell out:

I bought my primer from Ulta (and I am a member there) well over 2 months ago and they were SO NICE about it. They looked up my information and was able to confirm my purchase and they just gave me a new one and took the old one. Big yay to Ulta's customer service!

I am not sure what the little white specks are:

This is a swatch on my NC25 skintone, I just wanted to show you all that there is no color, it does go on clear:

You can find this product at:

Benefit Cosmetics or Sephora or Ulta for $32

I give the product a 8.5/10 but I give the packaging a 6/10

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