Saturday, August 31, 2013

Palette Wars: Lorac Pro -vs- Naked 2

Most of you have heard of the Naked palettes. More specifically, there are 3 Naked palettes: Naked, Naked 2 and Naked Basics. In my humble opinion, there is absolutely no need to own all 3 of the Naked palettes (unless you have money to throw around). Many have said that the first Naked (1, or the original) palette is better suited for those that are more neutral or cool toned and the Naked 2 is more for those that are warm toned and the Naked Basics palette is an all matte neutral small, convenient palette that's easy to carry.

I own the Naked 2 and the Naked Basics palettes. I also own the Lorac Pro palette. 

If you are thinking of only owning (1) ONE universal palette, I'll share with you my comparison of the Naked 2 -vs- the Lorac Pro below and hopefully it will help you decide which is a better choice.

Urban Decay NAKED 2 ($50):

PROS: This is great palette with 12 shades of warms and neutrals that's mixed with shimmers and mattes. The first shade, Foxy is the perfect brow highlight shade and the last shade Blackout is the perfect black to seal your liner with. It's versatile and multifunctional. The case is durable and sturdy, made of a metal tin (beats the cardboard stuff anyday). It comes with a dual ended brush and it also comes with a mini lipgloss. Let's be real, no one is getting the Naked 2 for the gloss or the brush though. It also comes with a HUGE mirror, which is great for travel/on the go. The textures of the shadows are buttery soft and glides on smoothly. 

CONS: To maximize the use of the colors, especially the lighter colors, I would definitely suggest using a primer or a base. The lighter colors does not show up as well without it. I do experience slight fallout with the shadows, this also might have to do with the fact that the shadows are so buttery soft (which is a good thing). I just suggest that you do your eye makeup first. Color variety is lacking for the cost. These are just your basic neutrals and warms. You will not be able to create any colors that are fun and vibrant with the Naked 2.

Lorac Pro ($42)

PROS: This is a great palette with 8 mattes and 8 shimmers (which totals 16 shadows, compared to Naked 2's 12). The price is cheaper than Naked 2 as well. I love the fact that you so many mattes. Matte shadows are hard to find, has anyone noticed that? Also, the color spectrum of the Lorac Pro is amazing. You have your lights and you have your darks. The number/variety of looks you can pull off with the Lorac Pro is probably higher than with the Naked 2. The colors were easier to blend compared to the Naked 2 and the payoff was also better.

CONS: The packaging can be a lot better. I feel as though if I dropped my palette, it will break and shatter into a million pieces. Other than that, really that's the only con I can think of. 

So the winner of the Palette War? LORAC PRO!

If you are in the market for one palette, one palette to rule them all...Lorac Pro is your best bet! Just try not to drop it.

You can find this product at:

Sephora: Naked 2 for $50 or Lorac Pro for $42

I give Naked 2 a 8/10 and Lorac Pro a 8.5/10

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  1. UD Chopper is truly terrible on fallout. It's a glitter bomb.