Saturday, August 24, 2013

Monthly Beauty Box: Birchbox -vs- Ipsy

So you want to invest in a monthly beauty box? One that doesn't cost an arm and leg? One you want to customize to meet your needs? Keep reading...

I hope I can provide you with some insight on my monthly review of my Birchbox -vs- Ipsy showdowns. I want to be clear, each has their own advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons. The only consistencies about the two are these: $10 a month and once a month.

Let us review some pros and cons of the two (my opinions only):

Birchbox PROS

  • variety of samples, from hair products, to face products, to even food sometimes!
  • comes in a cute, sturdy box, that sometimes reuse to mail other stuff to other people
Birchbox CONS
  • samples might not be suitable for everyone (I've gotten some quirky, weird ones)
  • not as customizable as Ipsy (I feel like)
  • great for those that love makeup!
  • tailored to what YOU like (you fill out a custom survey when you first subscribe) 
  • comes in a different cute bag every month that you also get to keep as a makeup bag!
  • makeup might not be in the color/shade that's for you
  • lotion/perfume might not be in the smell that you like

Below are the contents from the August 2013 Ipsy subscription:

Below are the contents from the August 2013 Birchbox subscription:

You can find this product at:

Birchbox for $10 a month
Ipsy for $10 a month

I give Birchbox a 5/10 for August 2013
I give Ipsy a 7/10 for August 2013

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