Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mac Blushes 101

This post will be about Mac blushes. It will only be about the powder blushes. So no cremes, no mineralized, no pro longwear, and no limited editions blushes.

Let's get started. I am breaking the blushes up into 4 sections:

  1. Warms/Peaches/Shimmers
  2. Pinks
  3. Bolds/Pro (you don't need a Pro card to buy Pro items, you can order online or from a Pro store)
  4. Others/Contours/Highlights


All colors are great alone by themselves, descriptions are taken from Mac Cosmetics directly 

 1.  Sunbasque: Peach with pearl (sheertone shimmer)
 2. Ambering Rose: Muted rose (sheertone shimmer)
 3. Margin: Peach with golden shimmer (frost)
 4. Melba: Soft coral peach (matte)
 5. Peaches: Pure peach (sheertone)
 6. Pinch Me: Medium dirty rose coral (sheertone)


These colors are great alone as well, but I like to layer colors with these so that they show up more

 1. Well Dressed: Immaculate pink (satin)
 2. Pink Swoon: Clearly pink (sheertone)
 3. Fleur Power: Soft bright pinkish-coral (satin)


These colors on my NC25 skintone are a bit bold, I like to blend them out with another, less harsh color

 1. Devil (Pro): Bright coral orange (satin)
 2. Apple Red (Pro): Fire engine red (satin)
 3. Rhubarb (Pro): Bright magenta (satin)
 4. Dollymix: Pure candy pink (sheertone shimmer)
 5. Salsarose (Pro): Lightly iridescent coral (satin)
 6. Azalea (Pro): Bright iridescent blue pink (frost)


For these particular ones, here's how I use them:

 1. Shadowy: Deep brown matte sculpting powder--I use this to contour
 2. Lightsweep: Warm beige with fine pearl shaping powder--I use this to powder
 3. Emphasize: Off white with fine pear shaping powder--I use this to set my under eye
 4. Trace Gold: Gold with shimmer (sheertone shimmer)--I use this as a summer highlight
 5. Cantaloupe: Rich warm cantaloupe (satin)--I use this as a base for my bold blushes sometimes
 6. Blushbaby: Beige-pink (sheertone)--I use this alone as a very subtle blush

I hope this has been helpful to you if you are searching for a Mac blush. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is just the regular powder blushes. You can buy all of the blushes mentioned on Mac's website. Keep in mind that you have the option of buying them individually in the refill pan's for $17 each here or you can buy them by itself for $21 each normally here.

Lastly, the sculpting and shaping powders are not considered blushes, they are $16.50 each and are Pro items only. Pro items can only be bought via refills only.

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