Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Muji Drawers

UPDATE: I have updated this post in a new blog post here regarding the broken drawer.

So I'm in the process of redoing my vanity/desk area again. This means I am cleaning my counter desk space and organizing my most used makeup items in a more centralized area and getting my less used makeup out of the way. Here's where the famous Muji drawers come in. Muji is a company in Japan and they are famous for their acrylic drawers. They come in a variety of sizes, but their most famous ones are their 5 drawers, 3 drawers, and 2 drawers. Their 2 drawers also have ones with flip lids (top lids come up). I got my hands on two of their 5 drawers.

The drawers are acrylic, but VERY sturdy. The 5 drawers dimension is 10.2 x 6.9 x 6.3 (for the entire case).

Here are some guides for what can and can't fit in the 5 drawers:

Color Tattoos, lipsticks, mascaras, Mac MSF and compacts, newer Mac Pigments

Mac Paint Pots (it does fit, but it scrapes the top of my lid/drawer), most bottled foundations, most tubes of primers (the lid doesn't fit usually).


The shipping was super fast (and expensive, unfortunately) and I received my drawers within 3 business days. As you can see from my pictures, the case came heavily bubble wrapped. The outside of the box also said Fragile on it. However, it is unfortunate that 1 of the 2 cases I bought was damaged. The entire left side was cracked and the corner was chipped. I've emailed their customer service the same evening and I've sent them the same pictures (here) and they've replied next day. I'll update you guys with what happens!


Oh so neatly wrapped. I've been to Japan and I can definitely tell that this is a Japanese brand company (even though they shipped it from NY). The wrapping was PERFECT.

A quick look inside, so snug and safe...or so I thought...

Unboxing: still has a plastic cover on it...

 Just a closer look, you can see it's called a Cubby Box and it's 2000yen (Japanese currency) which is about $20.56 (Keep in mind that Muji's website sells this for $27.95, this includes the $4.00 handling fee, but not the shipping fee.

The crack in the front

The chip on the back corner

This is the second perfect condition

Don't judge...this is a MESSY before of my makeup haven (you can see all the details of my "makeup room" in this post here.

Here is just a close up of the 2 Muji drawers in action! Isn't it a beaut! I will be buying more of these Muji drawers (maybe the 2 drawers) and I will be posting a more update of my makeup area! Stay tuned!

You can find this product at Muji USA for $27.95


  1. Those look so nice! Also, thanks for letting us know what fits and what doesn't.

  2. Thanks! I've wondered myself as to what fits and what doesn't as well..I thought I might as well let others know as well!